Grade 3 win makes it Back to Back wins for Hamilton

Today saw the Hamilton Caledonian Society Pipe Band (HCSPB) become National Champions, winning the Grade 3 title - making them back to back Champions, taking home the Grade 4a title last year in Nelson.

The Band is extremely grateful of the ongoing support from people all around the world. The win today is only a drop in the hat compared to the growth we've had over the last 12 months, we cannot wait to see where the next 12 months takes us.

HCSPB - Pipe Major: Meleana Eade, said if she could describe the win in three words, it would be 'Happy, Exciting, and Rewarding'. 

"We came into the Grade this season considered 'underdogs', with only having just moved up the Grade this season. It is always rewarding to prove others and ourselves wrong."

The Band will now go into a few weeks break, and then back into regrouping and working on the plan for the upcoming season.


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